Solar Orange Adidas X 2015-2016 Ball Released

This ball is stunning. The Solar Orange / Black / White Adidas X Glider Ball introduces a spectacular design for the Adidas X Glider, officially revealed today.

On September 28, Adidas launched the all-new Adidas Ace and X Primeknit Boots. The first-ever knitted versions of the Adidas X and Adidas Ace Soccer Cleats boast the striking colors Solar Orange and Black, set to be debuted in the Champions League this week.

Adidas X Glider Solar Orange / Black / White

This is the new Adidas X Glider 2015-2016 Soccer Ball.

Inspired by the color scheme of the new Adidas Ace and Adidas X Cleats, the red Adidas X Glider Ball combines the flashy main color 'Solar Orange' with a unique black graphic pattern on the upper to stand out. The upper boasts a large white Adidas Performance logo.

Designed for training sessions and urban football, the Adidas X Glider Football is anything but a cutting-edge ball. Machine-stitched, the Solar Orange Adidas X Glider Ball features an one-of-a-kind panel design and offers a soft upper.

The Solar Orange Adidas X Glider Ball is available at a retail price of just 20 Euro (25 USD, 16.60 GBP) from today.

Unique design for a lower-tier ball. What do you think of the red Adidas X Glider Ball? Let us know in the comments below.