The 10 Best Football Kits in History

We all have our all-time favorite shirts. Some of us love classic designs, and some of us love spectacular kits with bold graphic patterns. Here are the 10 Greatest Football Kits in History, decided by a panel of four people.

What's this list all about? A group of four people with a huge passion for football kits (, and have compiled the 50 Greatest Ever Football Shirts. And while it's logically not a definite list, it's a unique selection of great football shirts. To find out every detail of each kit featured in the list, just follow the respective link to their website.

10 Greatest Ever Football Shirts

Here's Part 5 of the 50 Best Football Kits.

10 | Admiral England 1980-83 Home Shirt

Worn at the 1980 European Championships and the 1982 World Cup, the Admiral 1980-83 England Home Kit features a classy design with bold shoulder panels and a slick v-collar. Well deserved.

9 | Puma Africa Unity 2010-11 Third Shirt

We are not sure about this kit. The idea behind this kit was peace and unity. Designed for all African teams, the Africa Unity Jersey fades from sky blue (African sky) to brown (African soil) and features an Africa Unity crest on the left of the shirt.

8 | Adidas Newcastle United 1995-97 Home Shirt

The Newcastle United 95-97 Home Kit features a classic design with a three-button collar, and the all-new Newcastle Breweries logo. Instant classic.

7 | Adidas France 1984-86 Home Shirt

The winning kit of the 1984 European Championships introduced red for the first time in the history of the France national team. Featuring a simplistic but remarkable design with four horizontal stripes on the front, France's 1984-86 Home Jersey served as a basis for later tribute shirts. It's a shirt that cannot be absent from any Top 10 list.

6 | Kappa Juventus 1985 Home Shirt

Black and White. The Juventus 1985 Home Kit is classic, worn by Platini, Laudrup, Ariston and Tardelli. There's actually nothing to desire.

5 | Adidas Liverpool 1985-87 Home Shirt

It isn't our favorite Liverpool Kit ever. Combining the colors red, white and yellow, Liverpool's 1985-87 Home Kit was the first produced by Adidas and "was like an acknowledgment that football kit design had reached full maturity."

4 | Hummel Denmark 1986-87 Home Shirt

It's definitely one of the most remarkable kits in football kit history. Denmark's Hummel 1986-87 Home Kit boasts a striking half-and-half pinstripes look, accompanied by the traditional Hummel chevrons.

3 | Adidas Netherlands 1988 Home Shirt

The Netherlands 1988 Home Kit introduced a striking design for the Netherlands national team with a stunning geometrical graphic on the front. Euro 1988 tournament crowned the Netherlands as European champions for the first, and so far only time. The Netherlands 1988 Jersey was the forerunner of the bold designs of the 1990s football kits.

2 | Umbro England 2009-10 Home Shirt

It's plain. It's understated. It's the perfect England Kit.

1 | Adidas West Germany 1988-91 Home Shirt

Worn in the 1998 European Championships and 1990 World Cup, the Germany 1988-91 Home Kit incorporated the three colors of the German flag for the first time in history.

The impact of Germany's 1988-91 Home Shirt was impressive, and the shirt cemented "its classic status two years later when it was worn when West Germany lifted the World Cup title". However, we prefer classic white and black kits for the German national team...

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