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All Adidas Euro 2016 Home and Away Kits Launched

Over the last few days and culminating with the opening of the 'Future Arena' in Paris, Adidas has bit by bit unveiled (almost) all of its Euro 2016 home and away jerseys. Let's have a look at what Adidas has in store in terms of Euro 2016 kits.

At Future Arena, Zinedine Zidane, Xavi Hernandez and Per Mertesacker were joined by young footballers from Germany, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden who helped launch the all-new Adidas Euro 2016 jerseys at the event.

Adidas opted to release both the new home and away shirts in November with an eye on the decisive Euro 2016 play-off matches as well as key friendly games between the qualified nations. Germany, for example, will debut its understated Euro 2016 jersey in the friendly match against France in Paris on November 13.

Adidas Euro 2016 Kits

While Adidas' 'Football Revolution' was kicked off last summer with the complete relaunch of the brand's football boot collection, Adidas is stepping things up in terms of kits this time around. Not only has Adidas altered the positioning of its iconic 3 Stripes, which are now placed on the sides of the shirt instead of the shoulders and sleeves, the German brand is also introducing a global theme for its Euro 2016 shirts.


Following Adidas' thorough Euro 2016 theme of having a traditional home shirt and a more adventurous and modern away kit, the Belgium Euro 2016 away kit is inspired by the country's classic cycling shirts. This move didn't please everybody in Belgium, as reactions to the first leaks showed.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The new Bosnia and Herzegovina Euro 2016 home and away kits feature bespoke designs following the first-ever Bosnia Adidas kits which were completely template-based. Contrary to the major teams' Euro 2016 shirts, Bosnia-Herzegovina's 2016 home and away jerseys still boast the Adidas stripes on the sleeves.


Denmark is yet to play its deciding Euro 2016 play-off against Sweden, but the Denmark 2016 kits are still one of Adidas' finest creations for the next national team kits cycle.


Amidst speculation about whether Germany will remain with Adidas or join Nike, Adidas has designed a very traditional Germany Euro 2016 home kit. It even returns to the white-black-black combination last used at the 1962 World Cup.

The Germany Euro 2016 away kit is much more cutting-edge, boasting a design that's inspired by the street football.

Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Euro 2016 home kit sparked controversy amongst supporters who had apparently hoped for something traditional along the lines of the iconic Adidas Northern Ireland 1982 and 1986 World Cup kits.


The Same scheme can be seen applied in the Russia 2016 kits, with the Russia Euro 2016 home kit closely following the style of the previous few Adidas Russia jerseys. The Russia Euro 2016 away kit features a different and almost patriotic design as the shirt, shorts and socks colors are combined to replicate the Russian flag.


A modern take on the Spain 1994 kits, both Adidas Spain Euro 2016 jerseys boast designs incorporating triangle shapes, again with the away kit featuring the least traditional design of the two.


The Sweden 2016 home kit is very low-key in yellow and blue, while the Sweden 2016 away jersey is navy with grey color blocks on the front and a refined cotton-like effect.


The new Ukraine 2016 home kit features the same tartan print as the Bosnia and Herzegovina away jersey. It's only set to launched in March 2016.


For the first Euro participation in Wales' history, the new Adidas home and away kits feature understated designs, with the latter incorporating green details on a dark backdrop.

Even more Euro 2016 teams will be sponsored by Adidas, although nothing is known so far concerning the kits for Albania. Hungary is still competing in the play-offs.

Which Adidas team has the best kits for Euro 2016? Let us know what you think in the comments below.