Closer Look | Adidas Primeknit Prototypes

The newest Adidas Ace and X Primeknit boots were a pleasant surprise when they got released last month, convincing as a well-fitting alternative to the conventional synthetic versions as well as Nike's Flyknit cleats.

But Adidas didn't get there in one day, as previous Primeknit football boot launches have shown. A few days ago, Unisport has had the chance to have a closer look at some of Adidas' Primeknit prototype soccer boots leading up to the release of the cutting-edge Adidas Ace and X Primeknit.

Adidas Primeknit Prototypes

Ranging from the well-documented Adidas Primeknit 'Footy Sock' monstrosity to more practicable creations, it's always immensely interesting to follow the long path up to the creation of a memorable and meaningful cleat through prototypes.

Especially the red-and-blue Adidas Primeknit Samba cleats have got Unisport's attention, offering a much less stiff upper than what was actually released in 2014 - the current two Adidas Primeknit cleats have reverted to a more soft and comfortable construction, of course.

It's definitely encouraging how far Adidas has come since it unveiled its first knitted football boot in March 2014, and we are incredibly curious to see where this road will take us.

Would you love to get your hands on some of these one-of-a-kind Adidas Primeknit prototypes? Let us know in the comments below.