Black / Silver / Gold Next-Gen Adidas Ace 2016 Primeknit Boots Released

The all-new Adidas Ace 2016 Primeknit Boots introduce a stunning design for the next generation of the Adidas Ace, showing that the Adidas Football Revolution isn't over just yet. Building on the success of the first-ever Adidas Ace Football Boots and the more recent Adidas Ace Primeknit Cleats, the Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit Football Boots feature the boldest design yet.

Unveiled in late Janaruy 2016, the Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit Cleats are headlined by the likes of James Rodríguez and Manuel Neuer.

Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit - Core Black / Matte Silver / Solar Gold

This is the upcoming next-gen Adidas Ace 2016 Primeknit Soccer Cleat.

One of the first colorways to be released of the new Adidas Ace 2016 Primeknit Boots next year, the black / silver / yellow Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit Cleats are mostly black with bold 3 Stripes on the lateral side. The iconic Adidas stripes fade from silver at the bottom to Solar Gold towards the laces, which also come in the yellow-orange color.

The included sock of the black Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit Soccer Boots is very high, supported by an unusually-shaped and relatively high sockliner around the heel. Made of techfit material, just like the sock of the Adidas X 15.1 Cleats, the collar of the Adidas Ace 2016 Primeknit Football Cleats features Solar Gold trim around the top.

Directly connected to the sockliner and collar, the tongue of the Adidas Ace 16.1 Prime Cleats is based on the design used for the Adidas Primeknit 2.0 Boot as well as the Adidas Ace 15+ Primeknit Cleats. The tongue offers an improved fit and lockdown through a new compression design with included Lycra yarns.

Following on the first-ever Adidas Ace Primeknit Boots released last month, the next-gen Adidas Ace 2016 Primeknit Boots come with a larger area of Primeknit, as the revolutionary knitted material spans the upper up to the sockliner. On the front and around the heel, Adidas is using synthetic material for stability and protection.

Additionally, Adidas has completely rebuilt the outsole for the next-generation Adidas Ace 16 Football Boots, ditching the previous construction altogether. Designed to work on both firm ground (FG) and artificial grass (AG) surfaces, the Adidas Ace 2015 Cleats outsole included a second layer of studs, additionally to fairly straightforward foundation of 10 larger, conical spikes.

Many high-profile Adidas athletes were apparently not too happy with the outsole and subsequently received a customized version with 11 traditional rounded studs - a design that has become the standard with the Adidas Ace 16 Boot. The soleplate of the Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit Boots also boasts an arch for increased stability in the midfoot area, while the front shows the Adidas Ace 2016 graphic design.

The shape and height of the external heel counter of the Adidas Ace 2016 Cleats has also been altered to complement the new soleplate and the overall design and look of the new Adidas Ace Primeknit Boot.

Set to be available from early February 2016, the black Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit Boots retail at €250 (£225, $250).

A more traditional, low-cut version of the Adidas Ace 16 Boots was also launched at the start of 2016, while Adidas unveiled the lower-tier Adidas Ace 16.2 Primemesh Cleats as a more affordable high-cut alternative.

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