Kaka to Return to Adidas?

Everything indicates that Kaka is set to return to the Three Stripes after he laced up in the Adidas Ace Leather Boots in Brazil's 2018 World Cup South American Qualifiers match against Venezuela for the first time in his career.

Kaká to Rejoin the Three Stripes

Kaka debuted the Kangaroo leather version of the Adidas Ace Boots in the match against Venezuela.

Kaka laced up in a non-modified version of the Adidas Ace 15.1 Leather Boots. Combining a super soft Kangaroo leather upper with an external heel counter for more stability, the Adidas Ace Kangaroo Leather Cleats has been virtually created for a midfield-maestro such as Kaká.

Kaká previously had worn a blackout pair of the classic Adidas Copa Mundial for almost one year, while he laced up for the first time in branded Adidas Soccer Cleats in the Tuesday's match. So is Kaka set to rejoin Adidas?

Blackout boots usually indicate that a player is without a contract, while as soon as a high-profile player switches to non-blackout cleats it's almost certain that he signed a new boot contract. Therefore, it's very likely that Kaká and Adidas agreed on a new deal.

However, it's also possible that Kaká only switched to the Adidas Ace 15.1 K-Leather Boots for the much-noticed match with the Brazil national team, while he could return to the blackout boots in his next MLS match. What makes this impression even more likely is the fact that Kaka wore his beloved blackout Adidas Copa Mundial Boots in Brazil's training session on October 7.

We'll watch out for Kaka's Boots in his next Major League Soccer match, while we still miss the iconic Adidas Predator Boots which the Brazil midfielder wore before he switched to his blackout Adidas Copa Mundial Boots.