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Leaked! Adidas to Launch All-New Adidas X Skeleton Boots in 2016

Update 29/01/2016: Footy Headlines understands that Adidas will reveal the first-ever Adidas X Skeleton Boots in the coming weeks. While there are still no leaked pictures, we've gathered some new information about the boots.

1. The pictures of Thomas Müller and James Wilson training in a blackout prototype version of the Adidas X Skeleton Boots show the second generation of the revolutionary boots, which is set to be released ahead of the Euro 2016 in France. There is not one picture of the first Adidas X Skeleton Boots.

2. In contrast to the first revolutionary Adidas 2016 boots (Adidas Ace PureControl), which was revealed in an all-black look, the Adidas X 15 Skeleton Football Boot will be very likely launched with an all-white colorway. It is not known yet if this version will be available to purchase. However, Adidas will release a second paint job of the unknown boots that will combine the colors of the Adidas X April 2016 Boot (White, Black, Shock Blue, Red), which will be available to buy for approximately 250 USD.


Is this the revolutionary boot worn by Thomas Müller and James Wilson? Adidas is set to release an all-new version for the Adidas X Soccer Cleats in early 2016, the Adidas X Skeleton.

In May 2015, Adidas released the all-new Adidas X Boots with a synthetic and leather upper. And while the German brand revealed the third cutting-edge version of the Adidas X Boots with the knitted Adidas X Primeknit last month, the Three Stripes are set to launch the fourth high-end version of the Adidas X.

Adidas To Release Adidas X Skeleton Boot

Close-up picture of the laceless Adidas X Skeleton Boots, worn by James Wilson.

While there are no leaked pictures of the Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Boots yet, it's very likely that Thomas Müller and James Wilson laced up in an all-new silo, which we labeled as mystery revolutionary Adidas 2016 Boots back then. We now finally got the first info about the mystery blackout Adidas Boots.

According to reliable sources, Adidas is set to release the Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Boots in February 2016. Retailing at an expected price of 250 USD (250 Euro, 200 GBP), the Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Cleats will be as expensive as the knitted Adidas Primeknit 15.1 Boots.

The Adidas X 15+ Skeleton will be launched with a special all-white colorway in early 2016, while Adidas is expected to release the second paint job of the Adidas X Skeleton Cleats (White, Black and Shock Blue) in April 2015.

Tech-wise, we have not received any official info about the Adidas X15+ Skeleton which is labeled as 'highly confidential'. However, the blackout prototype boots worn by Müller and Wilson already gave us a detailed looked at the upper and the outsole.

Designed to offer a fit that was never experienced in the history of football boots, the Adidas X 2016 Skeleton Boots come with an almost laceless design and an one-piece upper without any unneeded elements. To achieve the needed stability, the Adidas Skeleton Cleat features a revolutionary skeleton within the upper. The skeleton includes strings spreading from the tongue to the outsole.

It's the first-ever soccer cleat that removes the tongue and almost all laces, while other boots with a one-piece upper feature various elements. The Adidas X Skeleton is the first boot to offer a surface without any distractions.

Adidas combines the skeleton upper with a techfit collar for flexible ankle support. Interestingly, the techfit collar of the blackout boots looks identical to the collar of the leaked Adidas X 16 Prototype.

The sole plate of the Adidas X Skeleton Cleats features an external heel counter for increased stability and a traditional stud configuration for traction on Firm Ground surfaces and Artificial Grass. Most interestingly, the medial area of the outsole of the Adidas X Skeleton Boots boasts an arch for even more stability.

However, as it's always the case with highly confidential and revolutionary products, it's possible that we are wrong. So there is the possibility that the blackout Müller and Wilson Boots are the Adidas X 16+ Skeleton Boots and set to be released ahead of the Euro 2016. Therefore, the Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Cleats could feature a completely different design. It's even imaginable that Adidas will never launch the Adidas X 15+ Skeleton Boots as it was the case with previous prototypes such as the Adidas Primeknit FS (Footy Sock).

The next revolution? Let us know what you think of the Adidas X 2016 Skeleton Boots in the comments section below.