Manchester United Academy's Laudable Boots Rule

Update 13/01/2016: We've seen on our friend's website Botas de Jugadores that there are finally new pictures of Manchester United's academy team. And as we know that the players from Man Utd's U18-squad are only allowed to wear black boots, we took a second look at the cleats worn by ManU's youth players. And while most of the boots were as in October, there was especially one new boot that caught our attention.

Zach Dearnley of Manchester United laced up in custom blackout pair of the Urban Lilac Nike Mercurial Superfly Boots (that can be seen on the midsole and studs, which still boast the colors of the original edition.)

The football boot market recently has seen resurgence of black boots, with releases from all both Adidas and Nike receiving rave reviews and becoming top sellers. Unfortunately though, those blackout boots are mostly dropped as special releases and don't receive a lot on-pitch representation from top professionals.

Anticipating a future where black soccer cleats have a firm place, Manchester United U19s' UEFA Youth League matches are a great watch for all boot connoisseurs.

Manchester United famously banned colored boots from its academy teams in 2010, reacting to the increasing influx of flashy releases from Adidas, Nike and pretty much all other brands. None other than Sir Alex Ferguson was one of the key drivers behind the decision back then, and it still stands.

Playing against their peers, Manchester United U19s' football boots stand out even more in their understatement, ranging from regular black boot releases to custom ID variants or even own paint jobs.

Should more clubs have a rule like this? Do you know another team that has a boot rule (apart from Tijuana)? Let us know in the comments below.