Never-Seen-Before Adidas Primeknit FS Prototype Boots Revealed

Jakob Michaelsen, who is known as jaymike in the boots game, has shown off a pair of never-seen before Adidas Primeknit FS Prototype Cleats boasting a brand-new design.

18 months ago, Adidas revealed the spectacular Adidas Primeknit FS Prototype Concept Cleats just a few hours before Nike launched the all-new Nike Magista Obra Boots. Promoted as the world's first knitted all-in-one football boot and sock hybrid, Adidas actually never launched the revolutionary concept boot.

Adidas Primeknit FS Black / White / Red

This is the cutting-edge Adidas Primeknit Full Sock Boot.

The Adidas Primeknit FS Boot boasts the highest Dynamic Fit collar of any soccer cleat. Knitted from toe to calf, the Adidas Primeknit FS Boot features no unnecessary joints or excess materials.

But what's most revolutionary about the Adidas Primeknit FS Boots is that the cleat comes without laces to offer a clean striking surface without distractions.

What's new about the Adidas Primeknit FS Prototype Cleats showed off by Jakob Michaelsen from Unisportstore. While the promotion colorway of the Adidas Primeknit FS Prototype Cleats featured a black collar with a red horizontal stripe, the new Adidas Primeknit Prototype Cleats boast a half-and-half design.

But will Adidas ever release the Adidas Primeknit FS? While it was rumored that the Three Stripes could launch limited editions of the Adidas Primeknit Full Sock earlier this year, it's now certain that Adidas will never release them. Therefore, the boot will remain a prototype boot forever with only a few pairs owned by collectors and the brand itself.

No laces at all. Would you like to get your hands on the Adidas Primeknit FS Prototype Boots? Let us know in the comments below, and also check out the revolutionary and almost laceless Adidas 2016 Prototype Boots worn by Man Utd Youngster James Wilson.