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Next-Gen Nike Tiempo Legacy 2016 Boots Revealed

The second generation of the Nike Tiempo Legacy Football Boots introduce a brand-new design for the lower-tier model of the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend Cleats, available to buy from December 2, 2015.

Introduced two years together with the fifth generation of the Nike Tiempo Legend Boots, the Nike Tiempo Legacy Soccer Boots are the second-tier model of the Tiempo silo.

Next-Gen Nike Tiempo Legacy Pure Platinum / Black / Orange

This is the next generation of the second-best Nike Tiempo Boot.

The next-generation Nike Tiempo Legacy II Football Boots feature exactly the same construction as the Nike Tiempo Legend V Boots. But while the Nike Tiempo Legend 5 Boots offer a super soft Kangaroo leather for ultimate comfort and touch, the Nike Tiempo Legacy 2 Cleat features a not-as-soft waterproof Calf leather. The Nike Tiempo Legacy 2 Boot also comes without Nike ACC (All Conditions Control) technology.

However, there are many tech-similarities between both boots. The next-gen Nike Tiempo Legacy II Football Boot comes with the all-new x-ray support skeleton in the upper to remove the traditional stitching of leather boots, features the same midsole and even the same sole plate as top version of the Nike Tiempo.

Design-wise, the Nike Tiempo Legend VI and Nike Tiempo Legacy II Boots are almost identical. The biggest difference between both boots is that the outsole of the Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Cleat boasts the big lettering Tiempo and the Swoosh, whereas the sole plate of the Nike Tiempo Legacy II Soccer Boot just shows a small Swoosh.

But the most remarkable divergence between the Nike Tiempo Legend and Legacy is the retail price. Whereas the Nike Tiempo Legend VI Boots retail at a price of 210 USD (210 Euro, 165 GBP), the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legacy 2 Cleats hit stores at 120 USD (120 Euro, ~85 GBP, available as FG and AG version). This makes them 20 USD more expensive than the previous generation.

Nike will release three further models of the next-gen Nike Tiempo Boots (Nike Tiempo Mystic V, Nike Tiempo Genio II, Nike Tiempo Rio III). We will soon compare all different models of the next-gen Nike Tiempo Boots, stay tuned.

The only major difference is the Calf leather instead of Kangaroo leather, but the best version is nevertheless almost twice as expensive. Do you think the huge price gap is justified? Let us know in the comments below.