Nike Tiempo Legend 5 vs Nike Tiempo Legend 6

We compare the unreleased Nike Tiempo Legend VI Boots with the Nike Tiempo Legend V Boots ahead of the launch of the much-awaited next-gen Nike Tiempo Cleats in December 2015. And while it's rather logical that the Nike Tiempo Legend VI Soccer Boots still feature a Kangaroo leather upper, the sixth generation of the Nike Tiempo Cleat introduces a totally new upper design while several other elements has been little changed (Thanks to Weston SG for the header picture.)

Nike Tiempo Legend V vs Nike Tiempo Legend VI - Design

This is the all-new Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Soccer Cleat, set to be launched in December 2015.

The next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boots introduce a bold design for the modern heritage boot. Whereas the fifth generation of the Nike Tiempo Legend Cleat features a classic Swoosh, the next generation of the Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boots boasts a big Swoosh on the outstep to make a bolder statement than the previous generation.

The second remarkable difference between the Nike Tiempo 5 and Tiempo 6 is the outsole design. While the fifth generation of the Nike Tiempo just features a small Swoosh, the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boot boasts the big lettering Tiempo on the right outsole of the shoe and an extremely large Swoosh on the left outsole.

Additionally, Nike replaced the Swoosh from the tongue of the boots with the Tiempo branding. On the heel area is again the Tiempo logo. But it's logical the Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boots do not only introduce a new visual design. So let's get to the tech details.

Nike Tiempo Legend - Upper

The biggest difference between the Nike Tiempo Legend V and Nike Tiempo Legend VI Boots is definitely the upper. While both boots feature a super soft waterproof Kangaroo leather upper with ACC (All Conditions Control), it's the way how Nike constructed the upper that is radically different.

Whereas the Nike Tiempo Legend V Boot features a traditional stitching, the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Cleats introduce a brand-new support skeleton in the upper. The new xray solution allows Nike to ditch the stitching of the previous generation while providing a consistent fit and perfect touch.

Nike Tiempo Legend - Sole Plate

Even though the sole plates of the both generations feature an entirely different look, both ousoles offer almost the identical tech specifications. Combining injected and screw in studs, the TPU sole of each boot is made for lightweight and traction on Firm Ground surfaces. We could write much more about the sole plates, but as both sole plates are narrowly identical it would make no sense as we have already analyzed the outsole in the respective article about the Nike Tiempo Legend VI.

Nike Tiempo Legend - Price

While the Nike Tiempo Legend 5 Boots retails at a price of 200 Euro (200 USD), the next-generation Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Cleat is slightly more expensive (210 Euro, 210 USD, 165 GBP).


As we haven't got our hands on the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boots yet, it's definitely too early for a final verdict. However, when Nike finally releases the next-gen Nike Tiempo 6 Cleats, it will turn out if the all-new upper construction offers significantly improvements over the classic stitching of leather football boots. And as all other elements are almost identical, that's the only question that has to be asked.

Nike Tiempo Legend V or Nike Tiempo Legend VI. As it's too early to compare the performance of both boots, let us know if you prefer the design of the fifth or sixth generation in the comments section below.