Dani Alves Shows Off Yet Another Unique Boot

FC Barcelona superstar Dani Alves has yet again shown off a unique pair of football boots. The right-back laced up in a quite mysterious blackout boot as FC Barcelona players took each other on at FIFA 16.

While Dani Alves laced up in the upcoming Urban Lilac Nike Mercurial Vapor X Cleats in yesterday's training session, the Brazil international has chosen a blackout boot for the third edition of FC Barcelona's FIFA Pro Player Tournament. What was he wearing?

Dani Alves Plays FIFA in Blackout Boots

Close-up picture of Dani Alves' blackout boots.

Even though the pictures are anything but perfect and the stealth look does not show any brandings, we think that Dani Alves is wearing a blackout pair of the second-gen Adidas F50 Adizero Football Boots as his cleats come with the remarkable synthetic upper design of the boots that were released in 2011.

Made for ultimate speed, Dani Alves laced up in the yellow and red colorway of the Adidas F50 Adizero Cleats very often in the past few years. This makes it even more likelier that his boots are just a blacout version of the second-gen Adizero.

And as Dani Alves is meanwhile almost certainly a player under contract with Nike, his unique boot choices are now limited to training sessions and special events. Therefore, we likely won't see Dani Alves lacing up in one-of-a-kind boots in real matches anytime soon again.

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