Disney Pixar Football Kits by Martin Turner

Update 15/12/15: Following the success of his first project, Martin Turner has created four new kits inspired by the world of Pixar. And while he created kits for Buzz, Woody, Nemo and Dory in his first set, the second set of Pixar-inspired football kits includes jerseys for Sulley from Monsters Inc. Eve from Wall-E, Sadness from Inside Out and Lightning McQueen from Cars.

Pixar Football League - Part 2

Here is Part 2 of his unique collection.

Roar Utd (Sulley), Eve

Sadness, Radiator Springs FC (Lightning McQueen)

Imagine a world where Pixar is a Football League. Graphic Designer Martin Turner has created one-of-a-kind concept kits for the first four characters in the series. And while he until now has already created the kits for Buzz, Woody, Nemo and Dory, he also announced that he will design further kits for more Icons of the Pixar world in the coming weeks.

Pixar Football League

Here are the unique Pixar-inspired football kits by Martin Turner.

Dropoff United (Nemo), Forgotton Albion (Dory)

Lightyear FC (Buzz), Sheriff United (Woody)

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