Nike Tiempo Legend Boots Returns to NIKEiD - Will There Be All-New Customization Possibilities?

Nike officially announced that the next-generation Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boots will be available to customize using Nike's customization service NIKEiD after it was not possible to customize the last geneneration of the Nike Tiempo Legend Boots. And while the boots will be not available to customize before November 30, the Swoosh already gave the first hints of what will be possible.

Whereas the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Boots were available to customize using NIKEiD, it was only possible to create an own version for the second-tier Nike Tiempo Legacy Boots for the last generation of the modern heritage boot. The Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Cleat finally makes the return to Nike's renowned customization service.

Next-Gen Nike Tiempo Legend Boots Come to NIKEiD

The sixth generation of the Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boots will be available to customize using NikeId.

Nike announced that wearers will be able to customize everything from the upper color to the sole plate of the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend 6 2016 Boots. However, while Nike didn't declared any further official info, there are rumors that it will be even possible to customize the bold print of the sole plate of the boots for the first time in the history of football boots created with NikeId to create a bespoke product. Why there are these rumors?

In an interview with Jerome Boateng, Nike asked the Bayern Munich defender what he would print on his Nike Tiempo Legend 6 plate. And he answered immediately: "my daughters’ names on there." But as no further details were announced and Nike also didn't release any pictures of personalized next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend Boots, we'll have to wait until the official launch of the iD boots on November 30 for a final clarification.

We would love this all-new feature. What would you especially want to customize for your next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend 6 iD Boot? Let us know in the comments below.