Serafino Introduces 'Game-changing' Square-toed Football Boot

Serafino, an England-based football boot producer, claims to have found the future of football boots, and apparently it's all about increasing the kicking zones.

Aiming to launch in January 2016, the Serafino 4th Edge boots combine a traditional leather upper with a never-seen-before molded toe area, constructed to improve accuracy and power of toe pokes.

Serafino 4th Edge - The Square-toed Football Boot

Design-wise, the Serafino 4th Edge soccer cleats don't really bring anything new to the table, boasting a fairly straightforward design with yellow accents against a black backdrop. The iconic Serafino logo sits on the outside of the boots which feature elaborate, rounded stitching in the front area for improved fit and adjustability.

The real standout feature of the Serafino 4th Edge boot, however, is the flattened, square toe part, marketed as fourth kicking surface by Serafino who promise toe pokes can be executed with: complete accuracy, more power, faster strike and complete comfort.

Strengthening the toe area to allow for better toe shots isn't exactly a new idea, though. In futsal, where toe pokes play an essential role due to limited space on the field and the characteristics of the sport, boots are often equipped with extra weight in the front part.

We feel that Serafino's effort take things a little too far and it would be naive to think it didn't come at the cost of other, lost features. Maybe a less weird, more practical design could have been the way to go, but of course then it would be more difficult to grab peoples' attention in today's times and boots market.

Anyway, the Serafino 4th Edge is set to hit shelves in January 2016, if the Kickstarter campaign goes through, and we're interested to see whether this creation can have a lasting impact come next year.

Last but not least, Serafino have gotten no other than Harry Redknapp to be their brand ambassador, with the former Tottenham Hotspur manager also appearing in the Serafino 4th Edge's Kickstarter video.

Redknapp said: “The Serafino 4th EDGE is a very comfortable boot with the added weapon of a harder toe.”“Watching a game recently I noticed one Premier League striker nearly scored with a toe poke — it reminded me of a player I managed at West Ham who scored a lot of goals that way.”

A real breakthrough or just some good old banter? Let us know what you think of the Serafino 4th Edge football boots in the comments below.