Sexwale Wants Shirt Sponsors for National Teams

FIFA presidential candidate Tokyo Sexwale (South Africa) has announced that he would introduce shirt sponsors for national teams should he be elected next year.

Tokyo Sexwale Open to National Team Shirt Sponsors

Besides proposing plans to re-balance World Cup spots between the different continental federations and ideas about expanding the number of participating teams in the tournament, Sexwale has said he would "seriously explore the possibility of the national jersey".

"There is space there for much value worth millions of dollars which will be destined directly into FAs' (national football associations') coffers," Sexwale said.

Shirt sponsors first occurred in club football in the 1980s, but FIFA has not allowed national teams to feature ads, instead limiting sponsors to training wear.

National teams have made extensive use of FIFA's limited sponsor permits, with the likes of England (Vauxhall) Germany (Mercedes-Benz) and the Netherlands (ING) all featuring more or less obtrusive logos on their training and leisure wear.

There is no doubt federations wouldn't hesitate to seize on the opportunity of making more money, especially given many already add sponsors on match kits for photo shoots and similar occasions.

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