Steven Gerrard Donates Limited Edition Adidas Predator Instinct Farewell Anfield Boots to Help Refugees

Class act. Liverpool FC legend Steven Gerrard has donated a signed pair of his limited edition Adidas Predator Instinct Football Boots to a pro-refugee cause.

Made to commemorate Steven Gerrard's last match at Anfield, the Adidas Predator Instinct Steven Gerrard Farewell Anfield Cleats boast a unique design. Limited to 17 pairs, Adidas made one pair of the boots for every year the former Liverpool captain played for his club. Gerrard debuted his boots in the Premier League clash against Crystal Palace on May 16 - his last-ever match at Anfield.

Steven Gerrard Auctions Off Adidas Predator Instinct Farewell Anfield Boots

The bidding for Gerrard's Boots has gone up to £41,100.00 - with more than 3 days left.

The auction began on November 5, and there already have been 190 bids for the ultra-limited edition cleat. The bidding for Steven Gerrard's Anfield Farewell Boots has gone up to £41,100.00 so far, and it's more than likely that the offers for his boots will rise further in the remaining days. It's the first time that a pair of the Adidas Predator Instinct Steven Gerrard Boots is on sale.

Steven Gerrard's Boots raise money for the Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal, which is part of the "fundraising drive from the city – ‘With love from Liverpool’ – that has so far raised thousands of pounds to help refugees."

Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson commended Gerrard for his generosity: "I’m grateful to Steven Gerrard for lending his support and getting involved," he said. "I’m proud that everyone has come together to lead the way showing everyone what a compassionate city we are; and how passionate and committed we are to helping others."

Rob Arnold of the British Red Cross said: "Steven Gerrard epitomizes the spirit of Liverpool. A local boy who has never lost touch with his roots, is passionate about the City and its people and recognizes that Liverpool is a City that cares. The British Red Cross would like to thank Steven Gerrard for his generous and unique donation to our European Refugee Crisis Appeal".

You can bid for Gerrard's boots on the eBay action, which finishes this Sunday.