Adidas Predator Instinct Gerrard Boots Released

Adidas celebrates Steven Gerrard's 17 years at Liverpool with a unique red and white Adidas Predator Instinct Gerrard Football Boot. Exclusively designed for Steven Gerrard, the new Adidas Predator Instinct Gerrard Cleat will debuted by the Liverpool FC captain in tomorrow's match against Crystal Palace - his last at Anfield Road.

Steven Gerrard already laced up in the unique Adidas Predator Gerrard Football Boots in yesterday's Liverpool training session, while Adidas gives us a closer look at the commemorative Adidas Predator Steven Gerrard Boots.

Red / White Adidas Predator Instinct Steven Gerrard Commemorative Boot

This is the special Steven Gerrard Adidas Predator Cleat for his last match at Anfield.

Designed to show his unbreakable bond with the city, the new Adidas Predator Steven Gerrard Boots has been created using the colors red and white with various personal details. On the heel area of the new Steven Gerrard Cleats is the lettering YNWA (You'll never walk alone) to reflect his love for the club.

The upper of the Adidas Predator Instinct Gerrard 2015 Boots boasts a unique gradient design created with a unique lines pattern, which can be also seen on the outsole.

The names of his children and his famous shirt number 8 are also printed on the special Steven Gerrard Boots, while inside the boot are personalized tributes to Anfield Road's legend.

Steven Gerrard's career at Liverpool is near its end, while Adidas will also discontinue Steven Gerrard's favorite boot. The Adidas Predator Soccer Boot will be replaced with the totally new Adidas Control Boots, which are also known as Adidas Ace Cleats.

We're sad. It's the end of two eras. Steven Gerrard will play his last match at Anfield Road with a unique Adidas Predator Instinct Steven Gerrard Boot, which will be the last-ever edition of the Adidas Predator. What do you think of the last Adidas Predator Boots, made for Steven Gerrard? Drop us a line below.