Adidas Gamedayplus #6 - Matic, Kramer, Oliver Torres, History Pack Gloves

In time for the last Champions League matches of the year, Adidas has launched the latest episode of its Gamedayplus series, featuring a boat trip with Chelsea's Nemanja Matic.

Adidas Gamedayplus 07/12/15: Matic, Kramer, Oliver Torres

Watch the latest Adidas Gamedayplus episode below:

Matic's feature serves as a preview for the Chelsea FC special which is set to be unveiled shortly. Atletico Madrid's Oliver Torres goes up against host Roman Kemp in the skills challenge, followed by segment about Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Christoph Kramer.

Last but not least, Adidas shares the inspiration and thoughts behind the incredible Adidas "History Pack" goalkeeper gloves. All three gloves are designed after iconic models and will be debuted by top goalkeepers in this week's Champions League.

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