In Detail | Aljaksandr Hleb Shows Off 10-Year Old Football Boots In 2018 World Cup Qualifiers Clash Against Netherlands

Update: Aljaksandr Hleb has again laced up in the 10-year old Puma V1.06 football boots in last week's 2018 World Cup qualifiers clash against Netherlands. Check out the images below.

Aljaksandr Hleb Again Laces Up in Puma V 1.06 Football Boots

Close-up pictures of the boots worn by Aljaksandr Hleb last week.

His boots are definitely the most interesting ones we've seen in this season's Champions League so far. We take a closer look at the extraordinary boots worn by former Arsenal, FC Barcelona and Stuttgart midfielder Aljaksandr Hleb in the 2015-16 Champions League Group Stage.

Aljaksandr Hleb, who has been struggling with injuries throughout his career, made the return to the biggest stage this season playing for the Belarusian side BATE Borisov. And as BATE will not play in Europe again this season after they finished fourth behind Barça, AS Roma and Bayer Leverkusen, it has been very likely the last time this season that Aljaksandr Hleb's unique boots got the attention they deserve. We decided to take a closer look at his boots in order to give them also their well-deserved presence on what is likely the biggest stage for football boots.

Aljaksandr Hleb Laces Up in Puma V 1.06 Football Boots

Close-up pictures of the boots worn by Aljaksandr Hleb.

Combining a white base with red applications, Aljaksandr Hleb's Puma V1.06 comes with almost unremarkable Puma brandings that make his boots look like unbranded boots from the most all camera angles. Aljaksandr Hleb laced up in what looks like a non-modified version of the Puma V1.06. What were the main innovations of the boots released ten years ago?

Launched ahead of the 2006 World Cup in Germany with an unseen grass green colorway, the Puma V 1.06 Soccer Cleats were a revolution of speed boots at that time. Combining a micro-fiber upper with a lace-wrap system to offer a comfortable fit with great ball feel, the Puma v 1.06 was released to compete with the two dominating speed boots of that time: The Adidas F50 and the Nike Mercurial.

And while Aljaksandr Hleb predominantly wore the white and red colorway of the Puma v 1.06 Boots during the 2015-16 Champions League Group Stage, he also showed off a second colorway of the Puma V 1.06 in the first match of the group stage against Bayer Leverkusen on September 16.

Boasting a stunning black and blue upper, the second boot Aljaksandr Hleb wore in this year's Champions League Group Stage actually looks more like a contemporary release than a boot that was designed more than 10 year ago.

What do you think of Aljaksandr Hleb's unique boot choice? Do you prefer the white and red or the black, blue and white colorway? Let us know in the comments below.