Lorient 90-Years Anniversary Kit Vote - Vote For Lorient's Special Kit

French Ligue 1 club FC Lorient allows all fans to vote for the kit that they will wear in the first weekend of April against Lyon to commemorate the 90-years anniversary of the club, which was founded on 2 April 1926.

Lorient 2016 90-Years Anniversary Kit Vote

Here are the three different shirts fans can select from.

Inspired by the design of the original Lorient kit, the three different Lorient 2016 90-Years Anniversary Jersey options boast Lorient's original crest while including Lorient's iconic chequered pattern. And while each kit features the same classic color and will come with the lettering "FC Lorient, 1926-2016, 90 ans" on the back under the neckline, the only difference between the different shirts is the implementation of the chequered pattern - ranging from a Sash to a pattern used for the side and the sleeves of the shirt.

FC Lorient 90-Years Anniversary Shirt - Option A

FC Lorient 90-Years Anniversary Shirt - Option B

FC Lorient 90-Years Anniversary Shirt - Option C

"The fans are the club's soul," explains FC Lorient president Loïc Fery. "They follow their team from the first day, in good as in bad times, and even prevented that the club disappears at one time. The very strong relationship is based on passion, emotion and human dimension. So it seemed natural to us to involve those who love the FCL in the process of choosing the jersey to commemorate the 90th anniversary of their favorite club."

What's your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to vote for the special FC Lorient 90-Years Anniversary Kit on the club's Facebook page.