Never-Seen-Before Adidas Prototype Boots Revealed

This is another unique prototype, again shown off by Boot Collector Niclas Lien. Instagram user @niclie has shared a totally new, never-seen-before Adidas Prototype Football Boot with the world after he already published a picture of the already famous Adidas X Carbon-Fibre Concept Prototype Boot.

Adidas Primeknit Prototype Boot Black / White

This is the black and white Adidas Primeknit Prototype Cleat.

Featuring the classic colors black and white, the most remarkable design element of the Prototype Boots is definitively the positioning and the look of the Three Stripes, at least at first glance. However, whereas the colors and the design of the cleats are traditional, the technical details of the cleats are pure cutting edge.

The upper of the black and white Adidas Primeknit Prototype Boots is knitted from heel to toe to offer a sock-like feel with no distractions. But is the black and white Adidas Primeknit Prototype Boot actually something really new?

No. Whereas the design of the boots is completely new, the upper construction is actually identical to the one of the first-ever knitted Adidas football boot, the Adidas Samba Primeknit. And as the Sprintframe sole plate is also identical to the final version of the Adidas Primeknit 2014 Boots, the only feature that make this boot outstanding is the design.

That boot would have become an instant classic. Would you have gotten your hands on the Adidas Primeknit 2014 Prototype Boots if Adidas would have decided to release them with this classy black and white design? Let us know in the comments below.