Totally New Concave Volt Football Boots Launched

Australia-based football boots manufacturer Concave today launched the all-new Concave Volt Soccer Cleats. The new Concave Volt Boot is made for ultimate speed and power featuring a lightweight concept.

Update 06/01/2016: Concave revealed a second colorway for their all-new Concave Volt + Football Boot. The silver and blue Concave Volt+ Cleat Colorway features a silver upper, combined with black and blue applications.

Concave, whose headquarters are in Melbourne, is primarily known for their trademark Concave element that is designed to increase shooting power and accuracy by providing a larger sweet spot. And while currently no high-profile player laces up in Concave's football boots, the boots by the Australian brand have been already worn by over 40 Premier League players according to Wikipedia - including such famous players as former Manchester United defenders John O'Shea and Wes Brown.

Concave Volt + Black / Pink

This is the all-new Concave Volt+ Football Boot.

Designed for ultimate pace, the new Concave Volt Soccer Boots feature a soft and lightweight synthetic upper material, made to offer a feeling of wearing nothing on your feet at all.

The lightweight and flexible injection-molded Pebax sole plate of the new Concave Volt+ 2016 Football Boots is designed for speed with bladed studs for perfect traction on Firm Ground surfaces. A SG version with a combination of six rounded metallic studs and six bladed synthetic studs is also available.

But the most remarkable element of the brand-new Concave Football Boots is the Concave element on the upper part of the laces. Made to improve the striking ability, the Concave element offers a larger sweet spot than regular football boots. Research in the past has shown that the element can increase power by between 8-15%.

Additionally, the Concave Volt Soccer Boots also features a dual-lacing system technology for a custom fit for all foot shapes (F3 - Football Form Fit). The inside of the Volt+ comes with fusion lining to maintain the construction of the boots.

The all-new Concave Volt + Football Boots retail at a price of 140 GBP (200 Euro), available from today at selected retailers.

Concave Volt + KL

This is the leather version of the Concave Volt+ Boots.

Concave also offers a Kangaroo leather version of the all-new Concave Volt +. The Concave Volt + KL Boot comes with a lightweight and soft K-Leather vamp on the upper that is designed to offer a controlled feel on the ball. Apart from the upper, all other elements are the same ones used for the synthetic version. The Concave + KL Boot is slightly more expensive (150 GBP, 213 Euro) than the synthetic edition.

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