Update: Mexican Youth Player Laces Up in Fake Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 501 Concept Boots

We have no idea who he is, but his boots are definitely outstanding. A Mexican youth player from Club León laced up in a pair of unique football boots that we've already seen before in some way. And while his boots are definitely fakes in the way they aren't an official Nike launch, we decided to take a closer look at the white and golden boots worn by the U-13 player.

Club León Under-13 Player Shows Off Fake Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 501 Goalscoring Concept Boots

Close-up picture of the boots that were originally designed by Swoosh Customs.

Combining the main colors white and golden with black applications, the boots worn by the Mexican youth player were originally designed by concept boot creator Swoosh Customs in early October 2015 to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo's 500 career goals milestone.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly Cristiano Ronaldo 501 Concept Boots by Swoosh Customs boast the lettering CR501 on the upper and also a subtle text that lists all of Ronaldo's professional teams and the respective goal tally (Find out more about the boots here). So, can there be said anything about the boot choice of the Mexican youth player? Yes, definitively.

We would also like to use this article as an outlet to clear up with the myth about "replica" or "fake" boots. There really is no point to opt for poorly made rip-offs from obscure websites which aren't even that cheap in monetary terms. Football boots of equal quality to the best models are almost always available for similar prices as the fakes, be it due to them being "outdated" or just from another, not so sought-after brand.

Update 11/01/2016: We understand the criticism we received after publishing this article and would like to apologize for two incidents in particular. First, we think that the headline of our article was way too extreme, while "ridiculous" could have been used more scarcely. Second, we should have taken the age and situation of the player into account more.

However, we still think that there would have been much better boot choices available, as old colorways of top-tier models are often reduced drastically only a few months after release (especially youth sizes / lower men's sizes). If somebody knows the player, please contact us here so we can try to fix things up.