Nike Tiempo Legend 6 2016 Radiant Reveal Boots Released

No, these are no Women's boots. The fourth Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boots Colorway introduces an extremely bold design for Nike's cutting-edge Kangaroo leather boot, officially revealed today. Players such as Francesco Totti, Gerard Pique and Andrea Pirlo will lace up in the white, black, orange, pink and lime green Nike Tiempo Legend VI 2016 Soccer Boot.

Officially released in December 2015, the first three Men's colorways of the Nike Tiempo Legend VI Cleat has been entirely different yet (white launch paint job, black alternative colorway, red 2016 colorway). The mainly white Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boot is the first colorway that again features one of the colors that has been already used previously.

Nike Tiempo Legend 6 White / Black / Total Orange / Pink Plast / Lime Green

This is the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend Multicolor Edition.

Combining a mainly white upper with mainly black applications, the fourth colorway of the Nike Tiempo Legend 6 could have been a classic colorway. Nike combines the mainly white and black upper with striking orange applications for the instep and the heel area to create a remarkable upper design. However, as it's the Multicolor edition of the boots, Nike even continues to add more colors to the cleats.

The sole plate of the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend Summer 2016 Boots Colorway boasts an one-of-a-kind color gradient that fades from an orange heel area to a lime green area in the forward part. A pale pink Swoosh on the plate complete the design that has less in common with the classy designs of the first generations.

The Nike Nike Legend 6 2016 Radiant Reveal Football Boots feature the same technologies as all previous colorways. The Nike Tiempo Legend VI Cleat combines a super soft Kangaroo leather upper with a xray support skeleton that allows Nike to remove much of the stitching in the forefoot area of the boots.

The Nike Tiempo Legend Summer 2016 Radiant Reveal Edition retails at the same price as all previous colorways (210 USD, 210 Euro, 165 GBP) and will be available from early April 2016 at selected retailers.

What do you think of the boldest Nike Tiempo Legend 6 paint job yet? Let us know in the comments below and check out all Nike 2016 Radiant Boots in our Boot Calendar.