Grêmio 2016 Home and Away Kits Released

The new Umbro Grêmio 2016 Home and Away Jerseys introduce bespoke design for the Brazilian first division club, officially revealed on Saturday. The new Grêmio 2016 Home and Away Jerseys were debuted in the friendly against Uruguayan club Danubio in the first and second half, respectively (Similar to Brazil's Away kit debut in 2014 against South Africa).

Gremio 2016 Home Jersey

This is the new Gremio Shirt for 2016.

Boasting the iconic design of the Brazilian club, the new Grêmio 2016 Home Kit features narrower stripes than Umbro's inaugural Gremio kit. It has a unique v-collar that merges the three famous club colors white, blue and black and comes with a unique embossed design on the side of the shirt that includes Grêmio's crest as well as an one-of-a-kind graphic pattern.

Black shorts and white socks that boast Grêmio's crest on the front complete the traditional look of the Tricolor.

Gremio 2016 Away Kit

This is Grêmio's new 2016 Away Shirt.

The new Gremio 2016 Away Jersey is white with a bold black and light blue color block design on the front. It has a classy white and blue v-collar and light blue details on the sleeve cuffs. Similar to the home kit, it also includes a subtle embossed graphic pattern, which is placed on the bottom area of the shirt.

White shorts and hooped socks complete the shirt that was already debuted in the second half against Danubio.

Definitely not generic. What do you think of the new Grêmio 2016 Home and Away Kits? Let us know in the comments below.