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Next-Gen Umbro Velocita II 2016 Boots Revealed

Umbro today released the second generation of the Umbro Velocita Football Boots after the first-ever Umbro Velocita Boot was revealed almost exactly one year ago. The company today just posted a picture of the boots, disclosed that they will be available from January 11 and revealed their launch slogan (Fast Forward), while more info will follow on Monday (official launch date). However, we already managed to gather all the info you need to know about the next-gen Velocita.

Umbro Velocita II - Black / Sulphur / White

This is the launch colorway of the next-gen Umbro Velocita II Soccer Boot.

Combing the class main color black with yellow applications and white for the tongue and the sole plate, the first colorway of the Umbro Velocita II Soccer Cleats is much classier than the bold white, light grey and pink first-gen Umbro Velocita 2015 Boots launch paint job. However, whereas the colors of the boots are totally different, the design of the next-gen speed cleats is very similar to that one of the first generation.

The second-gen Umbro Velocita Boot again comes with a design that reflects the speed concept. The next-gen Umbro Velocita 2016 Football Boot shows Umbro's famous Double Diamond on the outstep, while Umbro added the Velocita branding on the lateral side of the boot. Apart from that, the second-gen Umbro Velocita Boot looks almost identical to the first generation, and that not only at first glance.

Tech-wise, the next-gen Umbro Velocita II Boot is also anything but brand-new but rather an updated version of the inaugural generation. The cut of the boots is also almost identical to that one of the first generation. The upper structure is rougher than the smooth one of the first generation, made for better ball especially in wet conditions.

Apart from that, the only other thing that real changed is the tongue which is now much more traditional than the remarkable 'triangular' tongue of the first-gen boots.

Whereas the upper design got at least an update, the sole plate of the boots was not changed at all. Featuring an external heel counter for more stability and a mixture of triangular and rounded studs, the outsole of the second-gen Umbro Velocita 2016 Football Cleat is again made for ultimate traction and speed.

The Black, Sulphur and White Umbro Velocita II Football Boots retail at the same price as the first generation (165 Euro, 130 GBP) and will be available from January 11 at selected retailers.

Nothing revolutionary. What's your first verdict on the next-gen Umbro Velocita 2016 Football Boot? Let us know in the comments section below.