Premier League to Receive New Logo

In addition to going title sponsor-less from the 2016-17 season, the Premier League will also commission a complete overhaul of its visual identity, according to the Daily Mail. The changes will not only see the Barclays writing, but also the iconic lion, removed.

Premier League to Get New Logo For 2016-17 Season

The Premier League logo will be completely re-designed for the upcoming season (pictured below are the two versions of the logo currently in use).

Having already announced to continue without a title sponsor following Barclays' exit after this season, the Premier League will seize the opportunity to perform a complete overhaul of its logo and visual identity in general.

A creative agency will be appointed after a tender this month, with the brief to link all the PL’s various work under the new branding. And the dated logo, based on the original tie-up with the FA’s three lions, is going to be culled.

Interestingly in terms of football kits is the fact that, with a change of league logo, it's almost guaranteed we will see an update of the typeface used on the Premier League jerseys. The current one, in use since 2006, heavily features the font and design language of the to-be-ditched Premier League logo.

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