Confirmed: Sport's Leaked Barcelona 16-17 Kits Were Just a Fantasy Design

Update (25/01/16): We can fully confirm that Sport's 'leak' is just a concept design created by a design studio and based on the info publicly available.

The description by Barcelona-based Símil Estudio reads as follows; "[...] shirts designed based on rumors circulating online, especially on the specialized website [...]" It also gives us a chance to get a clearer look at the designs, which are actually quite well done. Read the original article below.

Catalan newspaper Sport, usually well-informed in all-things Barça, yesterday ran a story about the new FC Barcelona 16-17 home, away and third kits. Subsequently, the image was shared frequently across the several social media sites, and we were also made aware of it by a number of Footy Headlines users.

Unfortunately, although correctly predicting last season's Barcelona home and away jerseys in early December, Sport didn't get much right this time. Apart from colors that is, but those we already revealed in October and November last year.

Barcelona 16-17 Kits

This image shows the alleged Barcelona 16-17 home, away and third shirts.

The easiest way to proof the inaccuracy of the alleged Barcelona 16-17 shirts leak is the image of the away kit. Although not exactly the same, it is clearly informed by a concept design created by Design Football user Corinth last month.

Corinth's fantasy design

The supposed Barcelona 16-17 third kit, meanwhile, is quite obviously based on an image we used to illustrate the general inspiration behind the design. Actually, there is nothing indicating that the final Barcelona 2016-17 third shirt will be a more or less close replication of the 92-94 away kit. Instead, it's expected that - like in the last two seasons - Nike's third kits will all be based on a single template; it would be pretty odd if that template was inspired on an old Barcelona shirt.

Barcelona 1992-94 away kit (Kappa)

Last but not least, the Barcelona 16-17 home kit, although not 100% accurate, could well look pretty similar once it's officially unveiled next summer. It's already confirmed that the Barcelona 2016-2017 home jersey will return to the more traditional vertical striping and also feature more saturated and lighter colors, while club president Bartomeu stated it would be inspired by the 1992 jersey, hence the broader-than-usual stripes.

Accurate colors, but that's about it. What are your thoughts after seeing the alleged Barcelona 16-17 kit leaks? Let us know in the comments below.