Leaked: Barcelona 16-17 Home Kit Colors & Design

The new FC Barcelona 2016-2017 kit was the very first next-season football shirt we heard about earlier this summer. Almost six months ago, and even before the 2015-16 Barcelona third kit was officially unveiled, club president Bartomeu confirmed that the club would return to a more traditional, striped home shirt for the 2016-17 season. Just a few weeks later, he added that the Barcelona 16-17 home kit would in fact be inspired by the shirt worn in 1992.

Now, in December 2015, we are able to test our initial mock-up (that was solely based on Bartomeu's declarations and inspired by this season's Inter Milan shirt) against the info we obtained in the meantime and also reveal some so-far-unknown features of the new Barça kit.

Nike FC Barcelona 16-17 Home Kit

This image shows the colors of the new Barcelona home jersey.

First off, our assumption that Barcelona's 16-17 home kit would feature brighter shades of blue and red, more true to the club's traditional home strips, is correct. The Nike FC Barcelona 2016-17 home jersey will feature stripes in Sport Royal and Gym Red, compared to this season's Loyal Blue and Storm Red hoops. Especially the red is much clearer than the colors used in most recent Barça home shirts. University Gold remains in use for the Swooshes on the new Barcelona kit.

Barcelona 15-16 home kit colors & style

When we created our first draft in July, we based it on the example set by Inter's 15-16 home kit. Also based on an iconic shirt of the club, in this case the Inter Milan 1992 shirt, the Nike Inter Milan 2015-16 home shirt follows the inspiration very closely, mirroring the number of stripes used, the way the stripes are offset on the back, as well as featuring a very similar collar style.

Pep Guardiola and Co. wearing the Barcelona 1992 home shirt after winning the club's first-ever European Cup.

Now, knowing more about Nike's Euro 2016 and 16-17 kits, it appears likely that the new Barcelona 2016-17 home kit will not feature a large collar like in 1992, but instead a ribbed crew or v neckline.

The last element of the Barcelona 16-17 kit we want to touch in this post are the colors used for the shorts and socks of the new Barça home kit. Amidst the reveal that many of Nike's teams like Inter will sport color-blocking socks next season, some people speculated the same could apply to FC Barcelona. We can confirm that this isn't the case and that the Barcelona shorts and socks both will be blue, with accents in red and logos in gold.

Return of the stripes and blue shorts - what are your thoughts on the new Barcelona 2016-17 home kit? Let us know in the comments below.