When Will Adidas Launch Messi's 5th Ballon d'Or Boot?

When will we finally see Lionel Messi's 5th Ballon d'Or Boot? While Adidas yesterday just released a video to kick-off their new "I'm here to create" campaign and to celebrate Messi's record Ballon d'Or title, the German brand still didn't announced anything on a special Ballon d'Or boot edition for their superstar.

Update 12/01/2016: Adidas just released Messi's 5th FIFA Ballon d'Or Boot 13 minutes after we published this article. However, while we thought that Adidas wouldn't launch the boots before Wednesday (read below), our leak proved to be correct. And that is what really matters.

Messi today continued to train in his custom version of the Adidas Messi 15.1 Boots featuring the Argentine flag and the names of his children.

In November 2015, we exclusively showed off what is still expected to be the Adidas Messi 2015 FIFA Ballon d'Or Boot. And while it was back then only likely that the Argentine superstar would win the prestigious individual title, yesterday's triumph answered at least the first unopened question. However, for us there are two things that are now important. First, was our leak of Messi's Ballon d'Or correct? Second, will Adidas launch even launch the boots (and if so, when will the German brand reveal them)?

Messi's leaked Ballon d'Or Boot

The first question is not possible to answer yet. Even though we are usually spot on with our leaks, one can never know if a leak of such an important and highly confidential product is correct. So only an official launch (if there will be one) could bring clarity in the boot case.

The second question is not as easy to answer, especially the second part. First, it's very likely that Adidas will launch a special Ballon d'Or boot for Barcelona's superstar as the German brand revealed special boots for Messi after each of his previous Ballon d'Or titles. So, as it's very certain that Adidas has something prepared for Messi's record Ballon d'Or title, when will we finally see the boots?

Whereas Nike revealed last year's Ballon d'Or Boot for Cristiano Ronaldo directly after he worn the title (Adidas previously also launched their Ballon d'Or boots soon after the official announcement), Adidas just released a video to kick off their new campaign yet (as mentioned above). So what are possible launch dates for Messi's Ballon d'Or Boot?

As the Argentine striker still laced up in his standard custom edition of the Messi 15.1 Boots in Barça's last training session ahead of the Copa del Rey clash against Espanyol, it's extremely unlikely that the German brand will reveal the boots today or tomorrow. However, after that match anything is possible and we think that things could go fast after the final whistle. But we also don't know an exact release date yet, However, we think that it is more than likely that Adidas will reveal the boots at least before the end of January (Barcelona will face Liga BBVA rivals Atlético on January 30).

When do you think that Adidas will reveal Messi's 5th Ballon d'Or Boot? Let us know in the comments below, and check out all details of Messi's leaked Ballon d'Or boots if you haven't yet.