Why Is Gerard Pique Only Wearing Blackout Boots in Barcelona's Training Sessions?

FC Barcelona's center back Gerard Pique, who has been sponsored by Nike for the past few years, has been lacing up in blackout Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Soccer Cleats in all of Barcelona's recent training session. And even though he switched back to branded Nike Tiempo Legend VI Boots for Barcelona's official matches each time, there logically still emerges the question why he is only wearing blackout boots when training. So let's consult the most likely reasons.

Gerard Pique Laces Up in Blackout Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boots in All of Barcelona's Training Session

Close-up pictures of the blackout boots worn by Gerard Pique.

The first and most obvious option why Gerard Piqué is wearing blackout boots would be that he is not 100% happy with the standard edition of the next-gen Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Boots and therefore received a modified version of the cleats from Nike. However, while this option is usually most likely, the close-up pictures reveal that he is wearing what is almost certain a non-modified blackout version of the boots. So let's see what's the second option.

The second most likely option would be that Piqué is set to leave the Swoosh and therefore wears unbranded boots. However, as their are neither any rumors that he could leave Nike and as he always switched back to branded boots for official matches, that's anything but likely in this case. However, we still have a completely different suspicion, and for us this hunch is the most likely one.

We think that Piqué's reason for wearing blackout boots is that he just don't like any colorful elements on football boots and therefore opts for blackout boots whenever it's possible. He even wrote on Twitter that he would miss the "classic mystic black boots" almost one year ago, which makes this option not less likely.

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