Aaron Hunt Trains in Mystery Blackout Boots

Hamburg midfielder and former Germany international Aaron Hunt surprised spectators in training this week by wearing a pair of classy, completely blacked-out football boots. A regular of Nike Mercurial Vapor X, let's find out what Hunt was sporting instead.

Aaron Hunt's Unique Blackout Boots

Close-ups of the blackout boots worn by Aaron Hunt.

Upon closer inspection, Hunt's boots appear to be completely blacked-out NIKEiD football boots. But instead of the Mercurial Vapor X Hunt is usually wearing, the blackout boots worn by the Hamburg star in training this week are based on the Veloce variant, evidenced by the disconnected tongue construction.

Additionally, the seams visible on both sides of Hunt's blackout cleats shows that he's using the leather upper option, introducing by Nike last summer.

Last but not least, the question about the reasoning behind Hunt's unusual boot choice remains. Because the former Germany international was playing in the regular 'Bright Mango' Nike Mercurial Vapor X soccer boots, it seems less likely that his supplier contract has ended, but rather that he had some issues with the boots. Anyway, we'll keep you updated if something new happens.

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