Almost 15-Year Old Nike Boots Spotted In Celtic Cup Clash

An almost 15-years old pair of football boots has been spotted in Celtic's cup clash against semi-professional football club East Kilbride on Sunday. And as these kind of spots are always interesting, we want to start this article by expressing special thanks to our follower @_.lorcanbhoy.11 who sent us this spot via Instagram.

East Kilbride Player Shows Off Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II Boots

Close-up pictures of the boots worn by East Kilbride's Martin McBride.

Originally released in 2002 and worn in the World Cup in Japan and South Korea, Martin McBride wore a non-modified version of the silver and navy Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II Boots. And while this usually means that there is nothing interesting to add, there is more than enough every Footy Headlines follower should know about the boots this time.

The second-generation of the Nike Air Zoom Total 90 Boots is designed for ultimate accuracy, comfort and power and was headlined by iconic players such as Roberto Carlos, Edgar Davids, Wayne Rooney and Luis Figo. The revolutionary feature of the Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II Boots was the off-centered lacing, which since then has been used for various different boots. What was the other key aspect of the boots?

The boot famously also had air inside the sole to offer players a feel of walking on air. It was really a revolutionary product that became an instant classic in the boot world. Let's talk a bit about the design.

The Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II Boots boasts a design that is especially remarkable for the three-block design that highlights the main feature of the boots, the off-centered lacing system. Martin McBride laced up in the silver and navy colorway of the boots that actually one of our writers wore in his childhood as lower-tier model.

This is our favorite boot spot of the year. Do you also still miss the Nike Total 90 silo? Let us know in the comments section below.