Dryworld Faces Allegations of Sexism

Canadian brand Dryworld has making big strides in the world of football this year. From effortlessly signing up some of the biggest Brazilian teams in its first year in the sport to releasing decent first shirts, the brand earned much praise from everywhere. Unfortunately, this was partly overshadowed by the official release event of the new Atlético Mineiro kits a few days ago.

Dryworld faces complaints over both the clothing, or lack thereof, of the female models present at the event, as well as for the washing notes on the inside of the t-shirts that were given away with the telling advice to "give it to your wife".

The models and the label. (second picture via @LucasSposito_)

Some might argue that Dryworld's actions should not be overestimated, but we think, if they want to appeal to larger groups of people, they should cut out the more or less subliminal sexism sooner than later.

Dryworld issed a statement in response to the controversy: ”DryWorld Industries sincerely apologizes for the design of the label on the inside of the T-shirts given away at last night’s launch."

The statement said that the tag was “created as a sample for an ad campaign,” and added that the company accepted “full responsibility for the wrong shirts being distributed."

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