Nike to Bring Back the Upper of the Original Nike Hypervenom

Update: Nike has accidentally shown off a prototype of the second-gen Nike Hypervenom Phinish featuring the upper of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1 Boots in their Nike AntiClog Traction that shows off footage collected during Nike Anti-Clog Traction product testing. This is again a proof that Nike will bring back the upper of the first-gen Nike Hypervenom Cleats (they already created a unique Nike Hypervenom 2 with the upper of the first-gen Nike Hypervenom Boots for Ross Barkley).

Nike Hypervenom 2 Prototype vs retail edition

Footage collected during Nike Anti-Clog Traction product testing (shows the new old upper at 0:32)

Exclusive. In an unprecedented move, Nike is set to completely ditch the controversial upper of the Nike Hypervenom II football boots. Both the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II and the Nike Hypervenom Phinish will return to the upper of the first-generation Hypervenoms from September 2016.

Nike Will Bring Back the Upper of the First-Generation Nike Hypervenom

Close-ups of the upper of the first and second generation of the Nike Hypervenom cleats.

The first-ever Nike Hypervenom boots were unveiled by Barcelona and Brazil star Neymar in May 2013. Debuted in a Brazil - England friendly in early June, the upper of the original Nike Hypervenom was designed to offer a feeling that would be as close as possible to that of playing barefoot.

"The Hypervenom's upper is created using the new NikeSkin system. This execution of NikeSkin features a soft, supple mesh bound with a thin polyurethane film." - Nike Hypervenom press release.

To achieve this, Nike experimented and came up with the iconic honeycomb-like structure of the original Hypervenom. And it was a success, which proved popular amongst professionals and boot lovers alike.

"Ultimately, every component of the original Hypervenom evolved into something better for Hypervenom II." - Nike press releaseTwo years later, Nike released the second generation of the Hypervenom. In order to bring something new to the table, Nike not only added a heightened collar to the top model, the Hypervenom Phantom II, but also completely altered the upper, both in structure and material composition.

“Players loved the original Hypervenom, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do even better. We’re not afraid to make as many changes as the boot needs to be the best. The kind of players who wear Hypervenom would expect nothing less.” – Max Blau, VP of Nike Football Footwear on the release of the Hypervenom II.

While the debut went well and Neymar, face of the Hypervenom silo, won the Champions League wearing the all-new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II boots, problems began to arise at the beginning of the 2015-16 season. First Neymar, who switched to Mercurials before receiving special hybrids in October, and later other Hypervenom players like Ross Barkley and Mario Mandzukic who got the same treatment this year - it's obvious that something is not quite right with the new Hypervenoms.

Many players, most importantly Neymar, received special Nike Hypervenom II boots.

Soon, they'll be able to switch back to the 'regular' Nike Hypervenom II soccer boots. But instead of utilizing the upper of the Mercurial, like in the player-exclusive hybrid models, the brand will completely revert to the upper of the first-gen Nike Hypervenoms, a move that is sure to make great waves in the boot world. Other features of the Nike Hypervenom II, such as the one-piece upper construction or the Flywire strings are set to remain the same.

The new (old) Nike Hypervenom boots are expected to look almost exactly like this prototype Nike reveiled last summer.

The 'all-new' Nike Hypervenom II boots will see the light as early as in September 2016, while the new (old) upper is unfortunately only expected to make its way to the two top models, the Phantom II and the Phinish.

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