Revealed: Nike Brings New Upper to Nike Mercurial Vapor X Boots

Nike has updated the upper material of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 Football Boots with the release of the Bright Mango Nike Mercurial Vapor X Boots. The brand-new upper of the Nike Mercurial Vapor Cleats features a much more smoother design.

Nike Updates Upper Material For Nike Mercurial Vapor Boots

Close-up pictures of the new and previous upper.

Whereas the previous versions of the Nike Mercurial Vapor X Boots featured a upper with a remarkable textured structure, the latest orange Nike Mercurial Vapor X Cleat comes with a upper that is much smoother. However, while it's obvious that Nike removed the micro-textured structure, is it known if Nike uses an all-new upper or just the same Teijin synthetic material?

While it's no possible to say that from the pictures, famous football boot collector Jakob from Unisportstore has revealed that the orange Nike Mercurial Vapor 2016 Boots feature in fact the same 'suede-like' upper as the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Boots that were released in March 2012 with a similar colorway for the Euro in Poland and Ukraine. So, as it's now certain what the 'new' upper is, there is only one question remaining: Will the suede-like upper be used permanently from now?

Even though Nike will not release the next colorway of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 Boots until April 2016 (Nike Mercurial Vapor X Multicolor Boots), it can be already seen on leaked pictures of the unique April 2016 Mercurial boots that Nike will return to the previous upper.

What do you think of Nike's unique move to bring back the upper of the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII 2012 Boots? Let us know in the comments below.