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Closer Look | Harry Kane Shows Off Plastic Mask in Premier League Clash Against Arsenal

He put the mask off. Tottenham striker Harry Kane scored the 2-1 for the Spurs in the North London derby against Arsenal. But it was not the goal that caught the attention on social media, it was the fact that Harry Kane put off his now famous plastic mask after scoring for his side.

Harry Kane's Plastic Mask

Close-up with Harry Kane's already infamous plastic mask.

Harry Kane's one-of-a-kind mask, which he received after broking his nose against Crystal Palace two weeks ago, features a clean design that is very different to the usual black masks used by Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas recently. And while we think that it makes no difference how a mask looks like as we think that it's just important that the mask does hamper him as least as possible, he was nevertheless 'mocked' no social media.

However, while most people laughed about his mask, Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino just is worried that it could negatively influence his performance.

"He's playing with a mask and sometimes it can disturb you," said the Tottenham manager. "Maybe it's easier for Nemanja Matic [Chelsea midfielder, who has also worn a mask this season] or different players that play behind, because creativity is not their problem. But you need to be sharp when you are offensive and creative."

Do you also think that it's only important that a protective gadget influences the performance at least as possible? Let us know what you think in the comments below.