FC Barcelona 2016-17 Away Kit Leaked?

A new leaked picture of the new FC Barcelona 2016-17 Away Kit is doing the rounds on social media since yesterday, but we can reveal that the jersey is definitively not the real deal.

Fake FC Barcelona 2016-2017 Away Shirt Leaked

This the the supposed FC Barcelona 16-17 Away Shirt.

Featuring the actual colors of FC Barcelona's new 16-17 away kit, the leaked image of the new Barcelona 2016-2017 Away Jersey looks like it could be real at first glance. But, even though the shirt looks stunning, it is not correct, but in fact not the correct kit but a fake based on a FC Barcelona concept kit that was created by vi90 from DesignFootball.

Combining the main colors purple and pink, vi90's FC Barcelona Concept Shirt from November 2015 comes with a subtle triangular all-over print. All other elements of the shirt are pretty standard.

Would this make a good shirt for FC Barcelona's next season? Let us know in the comments below and check out the FC Barcelona 16-17 Home Kit that is no fake but almost certain the real deal.