Four Stunning Next-Gen Nike Mercurial Superfly Boots Unveiled

Nike has shown off four colorways of the next-generation Nike Mercurial Superfly Soccer Boots. And while none of them is set to for an official launch, the black, blue, red and white versions of the fifth-generation Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016 Cleats give us already the first hint at what is possible with the boots on NikeID.

Nike Teases Mercurial Superfly V iD Boots

Black / White and White / Black Nike Mercurial Superfly V Boots (pictures via bootsblog).

Boasting the colors red, white, black and blue, all of the Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016 Boots that Nike showed off yesterday would be an instant hit amongst players. But while none of these colorways will be ever launched, it still will be possible to get the hands on these outstanding boots. But how?

Players will be able to re-create the red, white, black and blue boots using NikeID (It was not announced yet when the boots will come to Nike's customization service). However, while the custom Nike Mercurial Superfly iD Boots were not unveiled officially yet, the pictures nevertheless reveal what can be done with the Nike Mercurial Superfly iD Cleats.

First, it will be possible to choose from at least four main colors. Second, it will be possible to choose from two colors for the sole plate (at least). But what's even more interesting is that the Dynamic Fit collar can finally feature the same color as the upper (the NikeID Mercurial Superfly 2014 WC Boots always feature a black collar).

Another interesting detail is that the boots feature a slight color gradient on the upper. So it might be even possible to create a boot that fades from white to black or blue to red etc (Nike also showed off a next-generation Nike Mercurial Superfly Prototype with a Multicolor upper at the event - more on this later).

pictures via Unisport's Snapchat

Will you get your hands on the next-generation Nike Mercurial Superfly iD Boots or will you rather opt for one of the first official paint jobs? Let us know in the comments below.