UPDATE: Chelsea's Ambitious Stadium Plans Receive Green Light

Update: As it's being reported that Chelsea's stadium redevelopment plans have been greenlit, what better time is there to take a closer look at what is set to become one of the most iconic stadiums in the world in 2020.

This stadium looks like a cathedral. 3D renderings of a proposed re-design of Stamford Bridge have been published by GetWestLondon showcasing panoramic views of the main facades, interior concourses and stairwells. The renders are not directly from the club (Chelsea just announced that the design competition for the gates of the bridge is open on March 2 while showing off one picture of the gates), but from season Chelsea ticket holder and computer scientist Neil Vano.

Unofficial Stamford Bridge 3D Renderings Revealed

Here are the renders that were made by Neil Vano.

Created by Neil Vano, the outer casing of the new Stamford Bridge draw inspiration from the bridge that carries Fulham Road over the West London Railway Line at the south-east corner of Stamford Bridge Grounds, historic home of Chelsea Football Club. Apart from that, Neil Vano's Stamford Bridge concept follows no exact official defaults.

What do you think of Neil Vano's concept for the new Stamford Bridge? What would you change? Let us know in the comments below.
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