Italy 2006-2016 Tribute Away Kit Released

The new Italy away kit has been officially released today through a street art stunt by 3D artists Joe & Max, featuring a mural of Marco Verratti, Gianluigi Buffon and Giorgio Chiellini enhanced with a 3D effect to show off the new kit in style, while also the not less classy Puma Italy Tribute pre-match and training jersey have been revealed.

Inspired by the team's last World Cup win in Germany 2006, the new Italy 2016-2017 away shirt will be worn for the first time when Italy play a friendly against France in Bari tomorrow. It replaces the 2016 Euro Italy away kit.

Italy 2016-2017 Away Kit

Following the inspiration closely, the Italy 2016-17 away kit is predominantly white with trim in navy. The new Italy 2016-2017 away jersey boasts a monochromatic, gold Italy crest, while the unique collar construction of the 2006 original also find its way into the remake.

Officially called the Italy 2006-2016 Tribute away kit, the shirt is complemented by dark blue shorts and white socks, both with details in the respective other color.

Ten years after Italy's historic fourth World Cup win, Puma even launched a full collection around the new Italy 2016-17 away kit, including training and leisure wear, all inspired by the 2006 kits.

Italy 2016-2017 Tribute Pre-Match Kit

The Italy 2016-17 pre-match kit is predominantly navy with golden applications and a subtle lines pattern on the front, while on the back of the shirt is the writing Italia in big letters.

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