Nike - Spark Brilliance ft. Blaise Matuidi

Nike has just released its much-awaited first Euro 2016-themed short film. Titled 'Spark Brilliance', it tells the story of how France midfielder Blaise Matuidi was 'infected' with football when he was a little boy.

Spark Brilliance ft. Blaise Matuidi

Watch the full video below:

"Jay-Jay Okocha was my favorite player as a young boy. I used to love to watch him play for my team," remembers Matuidi. "He was the player who lifted the team and the fans with moments of skill and ability on the ball. Seeing his moments of brilliance inspired me to make it happen."

A young Matuidi is fascinated after seeing an outstanding volley goal by former Nigerian PSG footballer Jay-Jay Okocha, who is famous for creating unforgettable moments. The video follows Matuidi's story of becoming a football star, which enables to pass on the spark to the next generation.

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