Umbro Velocita 2 Marine / Black / Fiery Coral

Umbro has unveiled yet another colorway for its Velocita II football boots, this time a predominantly sky blue effort with accents in black, white and red.

Umbro Velocita II - Marine / Black / Fiery Coral

Based on the modern design of the second-generation Umbro Velocita cleats, this new colorway is Marine-colored for the most part. The sole plate is split between black at the rear and white at the front, while the sockliner and studs are colored in a striking red that's officially called "Fiery Coral".

Tech-wise, the next-gen Umbro Velocita II Boot are something of an update to the inaugural generation. The cut of the boots is also almost identical to that one of the first generation, while the upper structure is rougher than that of the first generation, with the aim to improve ball control, especially in wet conditions. Read more on the features of the Umbro Velocita II here.

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