Barcelona and Sevilla Train With €50 Balls Ahead of Copa del Rey Final

Training ahead of their Copa del Rey final on Sunday evening, both FC Barcelona and Sevilla have been spotted using an unusual variant with a different panel shape than the regular Adidas Errejota, official match ball for the cup final. Turns out they were training with the "Match Ball Replica Competition" version which retails at around €50 (OMB variant: €140).

Copa del Rey Final to Be Played With €20 Ball?

Compared to the regular Adidas Errejota's panel shape, which was carried over from the 2014 World Cup ball, the Brazuca, the ones used in training by Barcelona and Sevilla show an entirely different construction with a remarkable hexagon shape around the Adidas logo.

It will be incredibly interesting to see which football will be in use on Sunday, but it seems probable that the "OMB" (official match ball) variant will be utilized despite both teams training with takedown variants. In the previous Copa del Rey rounds, the Adidas Beau Jeu Euro 2016 ball was used in the OMB variant.

Which ball do you think will be used in the end? Let us know in the comments below.

An earlier version of this article stated that the teams were using the "Glider" version of the ball.