FC Barcelona Sign Biggest-Ever Kit Deal

Update 30/10/16: The general assembly of club members yesterday ratified the record-breaking 10-year Nike kit deal, which is worth up to 155 million Euro annually from 2018 and also includes an economic improvement over the next two seasons from the previous contract that was signed until June 30, 2018.

Barcelona's General Assembly of Club Members Ratifies Nike Sponsorship Extension

The vote for the Nike sponsorship agreement saw 584 in favor, ten against and nine blank.

Update 22/05/16: Various new details of FC Barcelona's and Nike's deal has been revealed. The 'long-term agreement' runs at least until 2028 and could bring the club up to 155 million Euro annually. The agreement, which must be ratified at the next general assembly of club members, also includes an economic improvement over the next two seasons from the previous contract that was signed until June 30, 2018.

According to Spanish news agency EFE, the club will see their income increased from 60 million Euro a year to 80 or 85 million in the upcoming two seasons.

From the season 2018-2019, the first of the new sponsorship agreement, FC Barcelona will receive 105 million fixed and also recover the management of licensing its own stores (this is up to Nike currently) - this could bring the club variables of up to 50 million a year. This makes the deal the biggest-ever sponsorship agreement in sport. Barca also recovers one of the assets that until recently was transferred to Nike, the ability to license any product of the Barca brand that is not a sports jersey.

Update: FC Barcelona and Nike today announced that they extended their kit deal. The details of the 'long-term agreement' will be reported and will have to be ratified at the next Club General Assembly according to the club's website. It is expected that the previous details revealed by Catalan newspaper were correct.

Josep M. Bartomeu, president of FC Barcelona: "Through this new agreement with NIKE we are extending a strategic alliance for the Club, while also reinforcing our global position, hand in hand with the leading global sports brand".

"We are excited by this new agreement and are confident that we’ll be able to celebrate continued sporting successes together".

Trevor Edwards, president of the NIKE Brand: "FC Barcelona is one of football’s greatest clubs, inspiring millions of sports fans across the globe, and we are extremely proud to continue our partnership together".

"Our deep relationship with FC Barcelona extends NIKE's leadership position in football and we are excited by the opportunity to further grow the world’s most global sport".
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