Unique Adidas X PureChaos and Messi PureAgility Prototype Boots Revealed

Update: Adidas revealed three unique prototypes of the Adidas X PureChaos 2016 Soccer Cleats as well as the first Adidas Messi PureAgility Prototype ahead of the 2016 Champions League Final in Milano.

Adidas X and Adidas Messi Prototypes

Adidas X Prototypes

The new Adidas PureChaos 2016 Football Boots introduce an (almost) laceless design and will be available from May 24 as part of the new Adidas Mercury Pack.

Adidas X PureChaos Prototype Boots

These are the three Adidas X PureChaos Prototype Boots Adidas presented yesterday (pictures by @football_nerds).

The new X PureChaos 2016 Prototype Soccer Boots feature a distinctive design with laces that are put under the upper of the cleats. Apart from that, the Adidas X PureChaos Prototype Boots are almost identical to the Adidas X 16.1 Boots.

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