Gareth Bale Returns to Real Madrid Training Wearing New Camouflaged Adidas X 16.1 Boots

Update: Gareth Bale has trained for the first time since November following an ankle injury wearing the new Adidas X 16.1 Red Limit boot with the same modifications as before, including the completely custom tongue construction.

Gareth Bale Returns to Real Madrid Training Wearing Camouflaged Adidas X 16.1 Red Limit Boots

Close-up with Bale's new boots.

Thanks to a new close-up picture, it was revealed that Gareth Bale has again received camouflaged boots after it was previously expected that he wore non-modified boots. He already wore camouflaged boots, but last-gen Adidas X 15.1 boots in this year's Euro.

Gareth Bale Receives Camouflaged Adidas X Stellar Pack Boots

Close-up with Gareth Bale's Stellar Pack soccer boots that he has not debuted yet.

Boasting the look of the Adidas X 16.1 Stellar Pack cleats, Gareth Bale's boots feature a completely different upper than the regular edition, while the sole plate seems to be identical. Whereas the regular Adidas X 16.1 boot comes with loops instead of holes for the laces, Bale's boot features holes. The upper material of Bale's boot is also different to the standard version, and his boots also come with a special extra layer in the toe box area for increased durability.

Interestingly, Bale's boots come with a white X logo on the tongue (standard version features no logo), while the shape of the techfit collar also seems to be different.

Apart from those unique modifications, the boots of the Welshman come with the standard customizations of professionals. They feature the Welsh flag as well as Bale's signature logo on the tongue.

Gareth Bale stands out in this year's Euro as one of the best players. And even though he has been wearing the same cleats for several months now, we decided to take a closer look at his one-of-a-kind cleats after Wales reached the quarter final and Bale's footwear caught the attention of football boot fanatics around the globe.

Bale's 2016 Euro Boots

Close-up picture of Gareth Bale's 2016 Euro football boot.

Featuring the design of the black, white and pink Adidas X 15.1 boots, Gareth Bale's cleats are nothing but a regular Adidas X. They feature a Adidas F50 Adizero Sprintframe sole plate that is completely different to the standard outsole of the Adidas X, while all other parts are the same as the regular Adidas X 15.1 boots.

Gareth Bale laces up in camouflaged boots this Euro

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