Puma Blames Production Issues for Faulty Switzerland Jerseys

As announced previously, Puma has investigated the issues present in the shirts worn by the Swiss national team against France last night. The company already today shared the results, while also promising something like it would not happen again.

Puma claims that last night's problems were a one-off situation and that they had not happened in other games of Switzerland and the rest of the teams the brand supplies at Euro 2016. To add, Puma states that "all federations have confirmed that they never had any such issues and are very happy with quality, functionality and design of their jerseys."

During analysis of the shirts worn by the likes of Embolo, Mehmedi and Xhaka against France, Puma says it found that a batch of the the shirts used by Switzerland had faulty material in the way that yarns were damaged resulting in a weakened garment overall. Puma says that "this can happen, if the combination of heat, pressure and time is not properly controlled in the manufacturing process. The tight fitting ACTV jerseys are made of an elastane and polyester material mix. The defective material was used in only a limited number of Swiss home jerseys." Puma's shirts are produced in Turkey.

Puma's statement closes with an apology to the Swiss national team. You can read it in full here.