Not Only Puma | van Persie's Adidas Fenerbahce Kit Rips Apart Like Paper

Update: It is not only Puma who are facing problems with the tear strength as van Persie's Adidas Adizero Fenerbahce jersey ripped apart similar as Puma's Switzerland kit in this year's Euro.

Adidas Fenerbahce Kit Rips Apart Like Paper in Europa League Clash Against Man Utd

Van Persie was quite surprised after he noticed that his kit ripped apart.

Update: While in the recent Bundesliga match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Schalke, Bentaleb's Adidas Schalke 04 jersey ripped similar as Puma's Switzerland Euro kit, Under Armour's kit for The Queens Park Football Club, who are known as the Spiders, passed that 'rip-test' in today's Scottish third division match against Stranraer (thanks to @efsanecubuklu01 for the spot).

You can read the original post below (Puma has since then already investigated the issue with their Switzerland jerseys - find out why the ripped apart so easily here).

Under Armour's Kit Does Not Rip Apart - Even Under High Pressure

Here is the image that proves that Under Armour's kit is high-quality.

In yet another interesting story from tonight's Switzerland vs France game, we have to talk about Switzerland's Puma jerseys. After all, no less than three players had to switch their shirts after they tore apart before half-time.

Puma, well-known for producing skin-tight shirts for the likes of Dortmund and Arsenal, must be furious after seeing what happened with its Switzerland shirts in the game. Maybe the brand's new 'evoKNIT' football jerseys will work better.

France's pulling or Puma's craftsmanship? What's to blame for Switzerland's shirts problems? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.